indahnya alam


1-success isdetermined more by effort than by luck,luck is the direct result of consistent,organised,and enthusiastic effort.
2-To be completely happy in your work,you have to look beyond your talents and your likes.You also have to consider the type of behaviour the role will require of you.
3-Successful people learn to pass up immeadiate pleasures in return for more gratifying long-term pleasures.They do the dull and unglamorous things that unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.
4-Building relationships is an important key to personal success.No one is truly a self-made person.Human society is built on cooperation,and we need to be able to count on the assistance of others.
5-If you never show anger,temper or loss of control,you will always maintain credibility,as well as controlling the situation.Lose your temper and it becomes a tremendous sport for any audience.